Mahamaya Kitchen Hub is a labour of love. It all started with an innocuous question after long and arduous days of shopping to put our kitchen together. Can shopping for kitchen be made pleasurable? Ironically, this was followed by longer days of speaking to various homemakers, visiting various dealers and convincing the loved ones. Finally, the tiny seed of idea showed signs of flowering and one especially beautiful day in the autumn of 2011, Mahamaya Kitchen Hub took shape. It started with 3 core brands. Now, encouraged by your love and support, Mahamaya Kitchen Hub houses more than 20 premium brands and the list keeps growing.

We have endeavoured to display all our products aesthetically in specially designed shelves, to make your buying experience pleasurable. However, we derive our greatest pleasure when you find a perfect piece of utensil or knick-knack which you had been searching in vain for a long time in many different shops or malls. It is these moments that validate our efforts and your simple “thank you” makes it all worthwhile.

Often, when you drop by, you would find a group of home-makers engaged in conversations. They may be from varied professions – interior designers, corporate executives, doctors but they pride themselves in being a homemaker first. These meetings have resulted in us communicating our ideas to top manufacturers to modify the designs or product features to make them better. Not all is serious work though, if you are getting your kitchen built or renovated, you may use us as your sounding board and a few good to excellent ideas may emerge out of our discussion. If nothing else, it would be a pleasure to learn more about you and your experiences. After all, we are all driven by our common objective – “Let’s Make Kitchens Better”.

Our Social Contributions

Mahamaya Kitchen Hub celebrates womanhood and is proud to be associated with Glad To Be a Woman project (Know More). Further, a part of our earnings is shared with The Art of Living Foundation to support Gift A Smile, an innovative school and service program for children and their communities in rural India (Know More). We keep updating our facebook page with contests, offers and new product launches. We encourage you to join our page and be a part of our community.

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